Worship Leaders – You CAN Make it Through Christmas at Church

For weeks (or longer) you’ve been planning special services and extra Christmas events, rehearsing, coordinating with your leadership and other departments while your personal life pace ramps up along with the rest of Christian civilization. Keeping peace within yourself and demonstrating it to others in this season is essential for you and those you serve. Easier said than done, right? So here are a few suggestions that require only SLIVERS OF YOUR TIME but will exponentially improve your success and peace. Take a breath, grab your coffee and consider:

1. Be KIND to yourself and others. God’s not mad at you and He knows what’s on your plate right now. He put you in this position. No beating yourself up because you’re scrambling to keep up and maybe dropping a ball here or there. If a co-worker is being difficult, forgive and move on! You can address persistent staff issues later.

2. FAITH – Decide and picture the outcome you want in each scenario, trusting the Holy Spirit within you to refine that vision. Be willing to see it differently. Then apply your faith, trusting that He will guide you, provide, open doors and make a way forward.

3. Be QUIET – at least for a few micro moments throughout your day. Breathe. Be still and know that He is God. ANXIETY HACK: As you move from one meeting, task or location to the next, literally take a deep breath and recognize the transition. You can even say or think “transition” or “peace” or a calming word of your choice, as you exhale. This is a powerful reset for your brain and emotions and recharges you for moving on through your daily checklist.

4. WORSHIP. You’re already making an effort to maintain your daily spiritual practices of prayer and reading the Word. Add moments of private worship to that. Like spiritual mortar between your task “bricks,” worship holds it all together.

Try it! If you apply at least some of these suggestions, I think you’ll find that HIS JOY will be your strength and He’ll get you through the crazy-busy Christmas pace with a great big measure of His grace.

Yes, it IS a Merry (and BLESSED) Christmas!

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