Joining Forces


Joining Forces is a call to action for worship leaders and teams. Examining the working relationship between worship teams and tech teams within the church, Marty McCall proposes a more intentional collaboration, creating a combined worship alliance. Exploring the typical differences and difficulties between the singer/musician teams and the sound technician teams, McCall challenges worship leaders to more fully recognize the importance of their tech partners and to give them ample space at the creative table. Citing scriptural and logistical reasons, he encourages worship leaders and teams to discover the quality and spiritual benefits of crafting worship services through a collaborative, spiritually accountable and respectful effort.

This 30 page PDF ebook includes sensible suggestions for healthy working relationships as well as logistical tips for many areas of your joint teamwork.

Included are tips on:

  • Forming a stronger alliance with tech
  • Healthy relationships within your worship team
  • Collaboration in meetings
  • Creating a worship ministry handbook

Also included are:

  • A comprehensive worship staff contact list template
  • Checklists for planning meetings, rehearsals and services
  • Challenging and insightful Q & A sections in each segment

Whether your teams need crisis intervention or a just a healthy dose of inspiration, the directives in Joining Forces will give you a handle on strengthening and maximizing your worship efforts. Imagine what God can do with an inspired, committed worship alliance!



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