During his tenure with the popular trio, First Call, Marty McCall began a fresh musical exploration. Reaching outside the Contemporary Christian Music genre and borrowing from his love of Early (Renaissance and Medieval) music, he sought to create a distinctive collection of songs as a personal expression of faith. Off and on for three years, he collected a palette of words and sounds and began to write.

The result of this creative effort was the 1997 Warner Alliance release, Images Of Faith, an inspired blend of ancient sounds and joyful, reverent spirituality which breathes new life into the historical symbols of our established faith. Alluring, mesmerizing and compelling, the project is a musical expression unlike anything in Contemporary Christian Music.

Praised by fellow artists and industry publications alike, the CD features early instruments such as ottavinos, viola de gambas, uillean pipes, Irish flutes, psaltery and recorders, creating a rich musical texture for worship. As Marty explained, “The modest arrangements and use of Medieval instruments are simply to remove the listener from the familiar sounds of our culture and transport them to a place of mystery.”

Author Frank Peretti commented, “…astounding, a fascinating and challenging departure…it touches a particular part of us that doesn’t get touched much these days.” Worship Leader magazine observed, “Simple, mysterious and yet majestic, the songs bring forth the troubadour heart seeking God’s heart and Spirit in expressions of pure praise. If you treasure songs of personal devotion, by all means, get this.” While CCM Magazine said “McCall successfully creates an atmosphere that shocks the listener out of the comfortable, familiar, pop-culture mindset, beckoning us into a place of deeper introspection…’Images of Faith’ explores those common threads of faith that bind all believers together.”

Marty’s wife, Vickie, an accomplished fine artist, contributed art for the CD, created twelve paintings to accompany the music and also co-wrote many of the album’s lyrics. Marty stated, “We loved collaborating on this project. There has always been a deep creative engagement between the two of us.”

Marty and Vickie affiliated with Artists in Christian Testimony to establish Images of Faith Ministries, a non-profit music, art and missions effort to encourage Christian artists in all disciplines. The couple was invited to bring art-related seminars, “Images of Faith” concerts and Vickie’s collection of paintings to churches around the country. Television, radio and print interviews followed and by 1999, Marty was performing “Images of Faith” songs in Christian art, music and dance events domestically and internationally.

Images of Faith Ministries concluded in 2000, when Marty accepted a position as worship leader and creative arts pastor at a thriving mega church in the Washington, DC area. During his sixteen years there, he advanced to Director of the Worship Department, where, in addition to leading worship and managing his department, Marty had the opportunity to train worship leaders and vocalists. Since leaving his church position, through his online platform it remains his joy and privilege to help others reach their full potential as they use their musical and creative gifts to serve God.

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